Sector 46

With many MNC opening up in Gurgaon, Gurgaon has developed in all ways. To supports the working force employed to Gurgaon residential complexes along with entertainment facilities have also developed. With most international and transnational companies settling up their bases in Gurgaon they demand a high standard of livelihood. To fulfill the growing needs of people Gurgaon is developing at a great speed and providing the residents of Gurgaon with international lifestyle facilities.

Sector 46 has developed just the way the person of Gurgaon wants it to be. With the best of features and the grand amenities within ones reach is want the Sector 46 is all about. With the 60 meter wide road on one side and 30 meter wide road on three sides of sector 46 is what makes communication and transportation outside sector 46 swift. It is not only about the adjoining roads with surround the sector but if one pays minute attention to the roads crossing and connecting the sector they will see that roads of about 18 meters wide to allow easy navigation.

In Greenwood City the plot sizes are 5 yards, 99 yards, 161 yards, 204 yards, 342 and 363 yards. Other plots other than in Greenwood city measure about 58 yards, 179 yards, 239 yards, 275 yards, 361 yards, 502 yards and 1002 yards.

For both long and short while investment Sector 46 is a brilliant idea.

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