DLF Phase 1

The success of Gurgaon to become the hotspot of real estate was a long standing connection to DLF. This renowned developer was one of the few which invested in the early times in Gurgaon. DLF today is a major land bank owner in Gurgaon and multiple areas have been developed by them which later became landmarks. DLF phase 1 is one such posh area. DLF phase 1 is a striking mix of commercial and high end luxurious residential projects.

Location wise DLF phase 1 is situated at the heart of the city only 1km from nearest metro and even closer to the MG road, the area which actually defines the mall culture of Gurgaon. So being in DLF phase 1 is life of glamour, status and fun. The connectivity to Delhi, Faridabad and other parts of Gurgaon is easy. So when it comes to investment in plots in DLF phase 1 the affair is upscale. To suit various property requirements DLF phase 1 offers variety of plot sizes from 60 sq yard to around 1000 sq yards. The majority plots are however in the range between 300-538 sq yards. The appreciation rate of property in the area is very high and so is the demand. With more and more projects making their headway to the area DLF phase 1 is becoming the perfect place to be in.
Gurgaonproperties.net offers you the highly detailed map of the area to help you know the area better. The map presents extensive details about the location, nearest facilities, plot sizes, number of plots in each category and directions. So when you are in lookout for the best grab in the area just consult the map or contact us for professional help and you will not regret the decision.

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